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The Best of Both Worlds, Plastic Extrusion and Injection Molding Under One Roof

"Best of Both Worlds"

A bit about us...

Our Mission Statement

At American Injection Molding, Inc., we accept nothing less than excellence, dedication, and exceptional work ethics from our employees.

These values make it possible for us to honor our commitment to providing the highest standards of quality to our customers.

Through the encouragement of free expression and the sharing of new ideas, we are able to transcend self-imposed limitations.

Communication, cooperation, and honesty are the keys to our success.

We look forward to providing you with the satisfaction and security that you need for your project.

>Quality Control - ISO 9001:2015

Our customers enjoy the flexibility that we offer to custom tailor quality to their needs. Many molding companies simply mold and ship. We demand much more from our molding team and they proudly deliver. You tell us what you want and we will custom write protocol to conform to your needs. If you need assistance we will offer quality guidelines.

>Part Gating

Choices of gating include simple edge gating, submarine gates, and hot runner. Cost is typically less expensive for edge gating and more expensive for hot runner. The advantage of hot runner is that there is no plastic runner to recycle or to dispose of. Please call us for further information and design assistance.

>Injection Molds

If your plans are to prototype we can offer assistance with CNC machined models  using a wide variety of plastics. At AIM we offer custom premolds that deliver a molded sample in requested polymer and of course, production molds of single cavity and family molds. We design and build many mold in house and outsource some depending upon specifics of each part. We always insist on very high quality from internal group and from our outside partners. Has any company ever built a mold at no charge to you? We have on occasion. Ask us how.

>Design Assistance

We offer complete design assistance from concept of part or machine to finished mold. Our goal is to create the finest mold available that processes with zero defect. Using simple 2-D CAD systems for the easier parts and Solid Works for the more complicated we can render true 3-D models. From this stage we can easily create CNC Code so that models or molds can be constructed. Email or fax your sketches or ideas and we will do our best to help assist .


Do you need fabrication ,assembly or complete contract manufacturing? We will help with all these areas. In addition to our molding facility, we offer complete CNC fabrication of plastic and metal parts using large 20 tool change machining centers.

Perhaps you need ultrasonic welding, simple or complex adhesives to bond various materials? We have expertise in this area and will gladly assist as needed.

Why purchase machined parts from one source, molded parts from another, assembly from another when you can single source all of the above services. Give us a call at 800-959-0025 and ask for Marshall.

>More Services

Do you need both plastic extrusion and molding? Our sister company is American Extruded Plastics Inc. which shares the same mission statement and total commitment to customer satisfaction. Our extrusion company can handle tubing, pipe, profile and co or tri extrusion from very small (.030”) to very large (20”)