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When you need a part and want to make sure of the concept, call us.

We can supply full engineering drawings as well as rapid prototyping made to your specifications in the desired material.

We offer rapid prototyping in two areas:

Prototypes can be based on your drawings – or we can take your concept and develop drawings from it. Rapid prototypes may be machined or produced by other means to provide you with a sample of how your part will look, feel, and perform.

For many designs, a prototype mold can be designed and built in a matter of days, giving you a quick, short-run tool at a fraction of the cost of a production mold…and your parts can normally be made from the same material as will be used in production. Why settle for rapid prototypes made from other materials?

What about design changes? AIM can help you contain your development costs and shorten time to market by promising - and delivering – rapid response to design changes.

Advantage – the right part, on time, with AIM.

“Yes, we can do that.”