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At American Injection Molding we work to develop and evolve as a company, striving to continually provide the highest quality in our industry, while serving our customers in new and innovative ways.  We proudly take on projects with specifications so difficult that most of our competitors simply could not produce the parts.  We work to exceed expectations in personal service and in product production. An important part of this is our Quality Process - insuring quality in everything from our material handling and floor production to our job management.

Quality Assurance Programs

From the moment an order arrives, a set of closely followed quality control procedures insure the proper and prompt processing for the acknowledgement of an order, and creation of a work order for production. Work orders contain a detail of all information required to produce a part, from tolerances to part specific quality control requirements. Work orders are then audited before being placed in a "blue book" which contains the production history, processing information and often sample parts. This "blue book" is then used for production.  During production there is, (at a minimum) an hourly Quality Control report, which records the findings from an inspection of production parts.  This log is then inspected, and the result confirmed by several supervising layers.  A final QC audit is again performed before any parts leave the plant.  Each step of our production process is checked and rechecked to insure that the best possible part reaches our customers.  Records are stored and later reviewed as part of our continuous improvement process.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the quality policy, AEP/AIM management monitors both the processes of the quality management system and manufacturing product defects.  AEP/AIM monitors quality management system non-conformances, the on time delivery of product, the level of customer returns and complaints, and the results of customer satisfaction survey.  The management review includes an analysis of development of employee skills, the partnership relations with suppliers and customers, and progress toward improving the quality management system.

As an ISO 9001:2015 company, quality is a central part of our existence at AEP, and we take quality assurance very seriously.  AEP will develop a custom Quality Plan for your product, or we will work completely to your specifications. Our standard is that "no defects" means absolutely "no defects".

Continuous Improvement

The Quality Team performs analysis of data, combining them with the results of internal audits, corrective and preventative actions, and management reviews are all used to facilitate continual improvement.  The quality policy is reviewed annually, along with the quality objectives, as part of strategic planning for overall operating, growth and continual improvement plans.

Internally employees are rewarded for assisting our Quality Team, by suggesting measures to increase performance and accuracy.

Although many of these measures are not required to maintain our ISO 9001:2015 standing, we believe that it is an important part of our internal growth as a company and honors our mission statement.